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Mason Ruffner - Video and Links




Mason Ruffner playing with Santana at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, the 1st of March 2011.

Filmed by Joe Cummings and Lisa Lind.


Bob Dylan quoted the lyrics to this song in his book. Check it out and see why. This is Mason Ruffner performing at the Åmål Bluesfestival in Sweden in 2002 with Kenny Brown on guitar, Cedric Burnside on drums and Takesh Imura on bass.


Mason Ruffner with former TV Star Taylor Miller cruising down on the bayou. Gypsy Blood


Mason Ruffner and band on top of the World Trade Center in 1987. Dancing on top of the word


Mason Ruffner playing solo on acoustic guitar live on "Good Morning Texas" in Dallas. This is an original composition that has never been released.


Carlos Santana - Angel Love animated video.


Santana's version of Mason Ruffner's 'Angel Love' from Warsaw, Poland, 1994.


Mason Ruffner at Michael Arnones's Crawfish Fest June 2nd, 2017