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Mason Ruffner - Press

New York Daily News - 12/85

Mason Ruffner (self titled) - CBS Records - Where has this boy been hiding? Weíve been needing him bad. A superb writer, fine guitarist, good sense of humor. Knows how to get into a song, do some fast, clean, melodic licks and get out. Songs like "Gravediggers" and Gambliní fever" are what the best rockabillies would want to be if they were starting out today, and when he gets to "Stranded", it sounds like Dylan has met Warren Zevon. And donít get the idea heís just copying old notes; these are all his own. All heís copied is the idea that a clean, quick guitar can make some great rock Ďní roll. Best Albums of 1985

1. He Is The Light, by Al Green
2. Hard Line, by The Blasters
3. The Solitaires, self-titled
4. Brothers in Arms, by Dire Straits
5. Tough All Over, by John Cafferty
6. The Ballad of Sally Rose, by Emmylou Harris
7. I Ainít Got Nothin But Time, by Hank Williams
8. The Rose of England, by Nick Lowe
9. Mason Ruffner, self-titled
10. Biograph, by Bob Dylan